Man Made Islands: Origins of the Idea

While many people would believe that manmade islands are a new concept. But the historical evidence suggests that the first ever manmade island was constructed even before the Iron Age. Could it be that the Bronze Age civilizations built these islands? These ancient islands dating back to 800 BC were found in Scotland. This discovery created a trend of further research on the subject of finding ancient manmade islands. And another discovery suggested that these islands were present even before 3500 BC. It leads to the belief that these islands are even older than the Bronze Age, but this was only the tip of the iceberg. However, another discovery suggested a much older island which dates back to 5,500 years ago making it even older than the Stonehenge. Archeologists and researchers have not been able to answer the purpose of these mysterious spaces.

Artificial Islands in Dubai:
Even though the historical context of the manmade islands is not clear and we cannot determine why humans have created these islands. But in the present scenario many manmade islands are being created. Dubai is one of the leading countries in the construction of artificial islands. The prime minister of Dubai and the Emir of Dubai are the men behind these projects. The islands are however not constructed like the ancient islands. The development of these islands requires rummaging sand from Arabian and Persian Gulf floors. The sand is then sprayed and then protected with rocks as walls. Technology has made this process much simpler and easier than the past. The GPS technology provides precision into the process for making perfectly built islands. The following are the small and medium sized manmade islands in Dubai:

  • The Palm Islands: Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali
  • Deira Islands
  • The World
  • Bluewaters
  • Burj Al Arab

Artificial Islands in Pakistan:
Pakistan’s real estate sector has become diverse due to the development of midrise and high rise buildings. Besides the success of commercial buildings, it has now become a trend in the residential as well. But the construction of artificial islands is a novice for sure. The development of artificial islands has started in Karachi and Gujranwala. These islands will cover a land mass of thousands of acres. There will be other residential and commercial facilities and amenities present in these places, which will make life an exciting experience for the residents.

Human civilization has come a long way from making the first ever artificial islands, to making the wonders that we see in Dubai. We are soon going to see the same kind of development in Pakistan with the ARY projects in Karachi and Gujranwala.

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